Monday, October 14, 2013

Molly & Chance: January wedding July reception

Last year on Christmas Chance proposed! We were married January 29 in a tiny courthouse ceremony with only immediate family present. It was perfect for us because the we are not big fans of cheesy, long, ceremonies where everyone is bored and ready to have a good time.... So we skipped it!  Now don't get me wrong it was still the most special day of my life and it was beautiful with the quaintness of it all but Chance and I just wanted that to be quiet and simple (and it was fun to surprise other family!)

My brand new sister-in-law Kylee was our photographer for the day.  Thank you so much for helping out! 

 However, I'm a sucker for family events and so Chance and I decided to have our reception for all our friends and family help celebrate with us here at Saratoga Resort and Spa in Saratoga, Wyoming! We've spent the last few anniversaries there and have been going there with my family for years, its an amazing place to stay. 

Cara helped with every single detail and together we pulled off an amazing woodsy, rustic, Wyoming reception! 

First, our photographer, Charity is amazing and you should check out her work! She really did an amazing job capturing the feel of our day!  Second, I love details so Chance and I had as many special little things as we could fit in! 

Mimosas in the morning & the glasses Cara created (for half the price as the store ones... but more on that later!)

Cara helping me get ready!

These were our guest place markers because I didn't actually care where everyone sat... Just as long as everyone had a seat! 

Super awesome shades for later... Yes a few of them have bottle openers built in

The dress I wore originally wore in January from Ruche

My mama, Cara, and I 

Cara and I created the bouquets, DIY all the way baby! 

We had our photos done at a place called Aspen Alley in the middle of Medicine Bow National Park
Chance and I may not have had a ceremony but we love getting fancy with our friends! 

Deep in the heart of the mountains 

Chance and I now have our very own tree!

Once we got back to the resort we set up for our reception, we were able to do a bit the night before but we were worried about wind and rain so we waited for most of it. 

Honey Cakes  an amazing local bakery created this beautiful cake and the cupcakes to go along! 
I forgot to save the site I ordered the UP cake toppers

We created our thumb print tree (featuring our girls, we had to put them somewhere) from Spotted Nest on Etsy. It was so amazing and she even got Maggie's spots correct, I love how it turned out!

 Cara came up with the popcorn bar! 

I know I know I realize I got our elopement date wrong ;)


Prosciutto, Cantaloupe, and Black Berries... So beyond good

After trying to figure out a mason jar themed center piece (and Cara and I tried!) We found these lanterns on sale at Target for a $1! Put them with some burlap and sprinkle paper hearts... you've got yourself a beautiful and simple center piece! 

But the very best part of the night was jumping into the mineral hot spring pool! It's naturally heated and chlorine free so the entire party hopped on in! 

Thanks for letting me share our beautiful day(s) with you!!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple Pumpkin Butter

Canning Season is here once again!
Over the last couple years we have both learned a couple tips and tricks to help get us through this pretty labor intensive time consuming weekends because in the end it's totally worth it! We decided to take a shot at making our own apple pumpkin butter and it does not disappoint. Perfect to spread on toast with a cup of coffee on these foggy mornings we've been having!

We held our first "canning party" at Molly's moms house this weekend (we are starting a tad late this year.)  We packed up our most comfy clothing, grabbed our lists, and were off to the farmers market!

This apple pumpkin butter recipe is so yummy and not too apple-y. We added it because canning pumpkin by itself can be dangerous if you don't plan on refrigerating it. There's very little acid in pumpkin and no acid means potential bacteria, yuck. Apple helps combat that but if your still worried just enjoy the modern age we live in and leave your jars in the fridge after canning. 

Anywhoo here's the recipe:

Apple Pumpkin Butter

This will make 8 1/2 pint mason jars

2 29 oz cans of pumpkin puree 
2 cups sugar
11/4 cups apple juice*
1 tsp. ginger
1 tsp. cinnamon 
1 whole cinnamon stick broke in half 
9 whole cloves (or 2 tsp. ground)
1 whole nutmeg 
 [Don't forget to take out the whole things before canning!]
*We used fresh squeezed apple juice from 3 medium apples because we forgot juice at the store but in the long run it made it taste so much better and it was a more mellow apple aftertaste. But it's up to you!

Mix all the ingredients in a crockpot on high. 

Cook for 3-4 hours on high or 5-6 hours on low. You'll just want to watch for it to get thick.

The apple pumpkin butter should be so thick it won't fall off the spoon right away. 

Then go ahead and can it! We will be showing our canning process in a future post coming soon! We just wanted to share this way too yummy recipe ASAP! 

Molly & Cara