Sunday, September 20, 2015

Inspired by Sunday

**I'm not sure if we'll change the name (can't decide if we like it.) But for now it'll have to do! Just a simple few ideas, recipes or pictures that will help get the those creative juices flowing and keep feeling inspired throughout the week!**

As the weather starts to cool and things slow down, our weekly-ish craft night will start back up!
Here are some autumn and ALMOST halloween ideas I've been wanting to try!

I really want to make a garland like this but with orange lights in the middle! Nothing screams fall like warm orange glow lights.

When it comes to Halloween I'm more a fan of simple, cute and fun decorations. Think more Hocus Pocus and less of Michael Myers Halloween. So I'm really loving this porch, because of how simple, inexpensive and adorable it looks! Can't wait to try it! Same goes for this it reminds me of something Tim Burton would use as a prop (I guess I have movies on the brain today!) I also really like all the painted and glitter pumpkins I've seen all over and the fact you can leave them up until thanksgiving makes them even better!

Lately, I've been rereading all of the Harry Potter books. I'm guilty of reading them every year or two even when I have a long list of other books I need to get too. I can only imagine what big glass of butter beer would taste like so I turned to Pinterest and found this recipe. If you'd prefer one without the alcohol I've also wanted to try this one.

Brisk fall evenings means soups of all kind! I've been dying to try this recipe.

And since no post is complete without a picture here is one of my pumpkins from the garden a few weeks ago!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black & White Word Painting

Hi guys!
          Lately I have been feeling super inspired by black and white word paintings. However, I am no painter nor have I claimed to be, so this type of project was right up my alley!  Between this and this   I knew I needed words on canvas in my life. I really liked the idea here of using lyrics to a song to make things more personal. Lately, I've been loving This Must be the Place (I prefer the Iron & Wine version Chance prefers the original Talking Heads...A house divided you could say.) Here is the final result!

Full disclaimer: I might have been drinking wine while painting and I might have repeated and skipped lyrics.
But it doesn't bother me so..... 

 All you need is a canvas or two and black craft paint.  I used a very small brush because I couldn't get the cursive to be legible with a bigger brush.  Eventually, I'd like to put a huge colorful painting right in the middle of the two but I haven't found the right one yet. I would also recommend using much bigger canvases but I had these on hand so they just kinda happened.

      This is a perfect rainy day project especially if you don't think you can paint. Hope you like it!