Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Molly's Living Room Inspiration

Hello Lovelies!
         It's official Chance and I bought our first home!!! Which means it's decorating time. Starting with the living room. I'm thinking grey, navy and copper accents! I'm really digging this modern-shabby feel I've been seeing on Pinterest more and more so we shall see how it goes!



Monday, September 15, 2014

diy mason jar lid pumpkin

Wondering where we've been for the last year? Well we got a bit busy... Life you could say. Cara and I are sorry that we kinda quite cold turkey but we are back now!

     So without further ado:

They are cheap inexpensive to make, take under 15 minutes, and look adorable! You could even make these with a kid you trust with hot glue gun... Yes, they are that easy. Even if you have convinced yourself you can't "do Pinterest-y things" you my friend can do this.

15 Mason Jar Lids
Cinnamon Sticks 
Green Burlap
Hot Glue
Orange Spray Paint (optional) *

*Spray paint before you tie them together 

Step One: String the lids onto the twine facing the same direction 

Step Two: Tie the twine in a double know and spread the lids back out to make a circle 

Step Three Cut a diamond shape out of green burlap for the leaf

Step Four Hot glue a thin line around the cinnamon stick and insert the center of pumpkin 

Step Five Glue on the burlap leaf

Side Note: Every time you move these you will have to readjust the lids to make a perfect looking circular pumpkin!


Super easy pumpkins. Now go make some and let us know what you think!

Molly & Cara