Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY Chalk Paint

Quick note: Since it's now September (original post was in February) I've used this recipe a few times now and I have some notes! So anything in italics is new or  I' have since learned since this first post. 

    How is your new year going? Over here it's been good and busy!

       I have been seeing chalk paint everything all over Pinterest and Cara had told me about a chalk paint she had used for her craft room cabinet. We went and got some from a local store but HOLY CRAP that stuff is expensive for the amount you actually get. I know, I know quality over quantity is important and I did buy a little sample size but I knew there had to be a cheaper way.

     I found the perfect chalk paint recipe after a few different attempts and looking at tons of different DIY recipes off of Pinterest! One such fail was that sanded grout that seems to have worked for others but it did not work for me. It kept feeling sandy and  wasn't smooth enough of me. So then I tried plaster and through trial and error I found a constancy I liked.  

A few things first:

           -I would buy a sample size of the higher end "real" chalk paint. You'll be able to see the consistency you want and it goes a long way. I used it on the shelves of the cabinet and still have a little bit left for another small project. Or if you don't want to buy any and go straight to the homemade stuff the DIY paint/plaster mixture should be the  constancy of a thickish cake batter. 

          -DON'T use hot water to mix the plaster. I read on a different site to use really hot water, when you pour it into your paint it will turn it into a ball of thick mush that looks like butter frosting. I used cool water and that turned out.
I don't know why all my analogies are cake related.

          -I used two coats on mine letting it dry completely in between. Then sealed it with wax paste from Lowes.  This still seems to be true. Two coats then the wax, the hutch and now side table are still holding up great!

           -To get the blue that is shockingly similar to the expensive paint I used "Trade Secret" in a Valspar sample. The white was Valspar's "Ultra White" (mainly because I had a quart of that on hand haha)


       -4 tablespoons Plaster of Paris
 -3* tablespoons cool water 
-2 or more cups of paint 
2ish cups seems to be about the amount in a Valspar sample. 
*You can use more water to thin out your paint as needed

Mix the water and plaster together until smooth.
Pour in the paint and stir together until the water/plaster doesn't sit on top.  

It'l thicken up as the the three ingredients sit together so don't worry if it looks a bit thin

After I was finished painting the hutch I sealed it with wax paste. I just rubbed it on with a cloth and so far it's holding up! Have you used a chalk paint recipe or have tips that you have tried and have worked out? 

Heres one of the new projects I've done using this same recipe! To get the turquoise color I used for the side table is Valspar Pantone Cockatoo and I love it! I forgot a completely before picture.

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