Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black & White Word Painting

Hi guys!
          Lately I have been feeling super inspired by black and white word paintings. However, I am no painter nor have I claimed to be, so this type of project was right up my alley!  Between this and this   I knew I needed words on canvas in my life. I really liked the idea here of using lyrics to a song to make things more personal. Lately, I've been loving This Must be the Place (I prefer the Iron & Wine version Chance prefers the original Talking Heads...A house divided you could say.) Here is the final result!

Full disclaimer: I might have been drinking wine while painting and I might have repeated and skipped lyrics.
But it doesn't bother me so..... 

 All you need is a canvas or two and black craft paint.  I used a very small brush because I couldn't get the cursive to be legible with a bigger brush.  Eventually, I'd like to put a huge colorful painting right in the middle of the two but I haven't found the right one yet. I would also recommend using much bigger canvases but I had these on hand so they just kinda happened.

      This is a perfect rainy day project especially if you don't think you can paint. Hope you like it!


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